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Explainer Videos

Enhances Your Buisness With Explainer Videos

Tell Your Business & Products with Professional Explainer Video, We Help You to Achieve Your Goals!
High-quality Explainer Videos with creative storytelling through a great visual experience will engage a number of audiences and helps to stand out from the competitors.

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Why Choose Village Talkies?

Village Talkies is one of the best explainer video company in Bangalore and Chennai, India who creates engaging animated explainer videos to showcase your products and services. As a professional animated explainer video maker, we will use our expertise and resources to produce whiteboard, motion-graphics, 2d, 3d explainer videos for your business in a clear and visually appealing way. We aim at explaining a business through animated Explainer video in a simple, engaging and compelling way that rapidly grab the viewer’s attention.

Our Team

Village Talkies, a corporate explainer video production company in Bangalore and Chennai, comprises of a team of experts who are skilled at creating engaging whiteboard, motion graphics, 2d, 3d explainer videos to show a product or service in action while also presenting a consistent message with reinforcing brand recognition.

Our Process

Explainer videos are extremely effective when it comes to improving people’s understanding of your product or service. As an explainer video production agency, we ensure that we provide the right balance between strong content and the reason behind the purchase of your product and helps your business to stand out from the crowd while communicating your key objectives and gain interested in your product and services


We have different packages for Start-ups and Corporates depends on the objective and requirements. Our explainer video animation team of experts strives to create truly unique video and help to stand out from the pack.  Also, animation video helps increase traffic to your website and keep track of what product and service your potential customers are interested in showing the number of views on each video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why explainer videos?

An Explainer Video is a video which explains your business, product or service in a brief manner. The purpose of explainer videos is to attract your target audience and educate them regarding your business. Explainer Videos can also be used for advertisement, marketing, promotion, and training purposes.

Explainer videos are produced by creative artists in a software and can express more abstract ideas, so the end results can be controlled better than Live production videos.

How much does an animated explainer video cost?

The price of an Animated Explainer Video depends on many factors such as the style of the video, length of the video, and how quickly you need the video. Our videos are one of the highest quality and at the most reasonable price in the market.

Connect us today and get a free consultation & affordable quote for your projects.

Types of explainer videos produced by Village Talkies?

We do create Business videos, Brand videos, Product videos, Service videos, Educational videos & commercials.
Our team of experts can create different styles of animations such as Motion-graphics, Info-graphics, Screen Recording with graphics, character animations and more.

What will be included in each of the packages?

Each package includes an end to end process for explainer video production, starting from Script to Visualization, Custom Animations, Professional  Voiceovers with Music & Sound effects.

Visual styles & animation intensity will be different according to the package you choose

How long does it take to produce an explainer video?

Creating an Explainer Video is not an easy task. It takes hard work and effort! Usually, it takes 2-3 weeks to create a high quality and premium Explainer Video. But this is just a general time frame. If you need a video sooner than this, we will get it done for you.